With a Central Water Source Reverse Osmosis system you can enjoy "bottled" quality water from virtually any sink in the house.

The Water Source Central RO systems can be ordered in sizes up to 80 gallons per day and 10 gallon storage tanks to ensure proper water pressure from multiple points of use throughout the house. Central RO systems are the ideal way to service multiple wet bar sinks, veggie sinks, refrigerators, ice makers and outdoor cooking/prep areas with "bottled" quality water. Ideally this system should be roughed in during construction or remodel before the drywall is hung.

Central Water Source Reverse Osmosis systems are the ideal solution for commercial POU Bottleless Water Cooler applications as well. Water Source can install one Central RO system feeding multiple POU Bottleless Water Coolers in office buildings, Hotels and Resorts.

A Central Reverse Osmosis System is an ideal addition to a Water Source Water Softener and Whole House Chemical Removal Filter.