Water Source is Maui County's leader in the design, installation and maintenance of commercial water treatment applications.

Water Source specializes in retail water store design and implementation, spot-free rinse systems, food service filtration, bottling plants and commercial water conditioning.

WFS AMRO: AmRO Series 2000 & 4000 GPG (7,500 & 15,000 LPD)


The WFS AmRO is designed to be fool-proof, making installation and operation as trouble-free as is possible with Water Factory's patented Opti-Flow® Hydraulic Design. Systems come with Rejection Monitor, Electronic Controller, and Auto Fast Flush, Low Pressure Switch... all the features needed to protect the membrane and provide optimal performance, whatever the application. Its compact size makes it a winner in many varied applications:
  • Car Wash "Spot Free" Rinse
  • Retail Water Stores
  • Bottling Plant
  • Industrial Parts Washing
  • Whole Restaurant Drinking Water Supply
  • Process Water For Food Industry

  • Fleck Control Heads

    Water Source carries Fleck water softener and filter control heads because of their reputation of high quality and high performance. Water Source can design a system specifically for each application using Fleck's exceptionally broad line of water treatment controls.

    WFSAM RO Fleck 2850 Fleck 9000