Water Source is Maui County's authorized dealer of Everpure products.

Water Source offers restaurants the piece of mind that all of their water using appliances will be covered under their manufacturer warranty thanks to the Everpure filtration systems. Using filtered water greatly reduces equipment downtime increases equipment lifetime. Cooking and drink making with filtered water also ensures the best tasting food and of course maintaining the highest quality in prepared drinks.

Retail Water Store Consulting:
Having built Water Stores all over the state of California and three on Maui, Water Source is the Water Store concept experts. From design to construction to implementation, Water Source is the leader in new Water Store consulting.

Spot Free Rinse:
Water Source will work with you in designing and properly sizing a system that is right for your fleet of vehicles, value added car wash option or your window washing business - Water Source has the resources to build a Spot Free Rinse system custom for any application.

Office and Commercial Water Cooler Rental:
Water Source now offers the popular OASIS® Aqua Bar™ bottleless water cooler. The OASIS® Aqua Bar™ eliminates the need for extra storage space for cumbersome and expensive bottled water. OASIS® Aqua Bar™ can save your organization money by saying "good-bye" to expensive delivered bottled water.