The SQC series produces 'bottled' quality water at the convenience of your kitchen sink.

Through a process found in nature and perfected by science, Reverse Osmosis has become the preferred way to purify water around the world. Water Source features the Water Factory Systems SQC series RO system because of its cutting edge design and unmatched warranty. The SQC series boast a footprint that is at least 25% smaller than its closest rival found at 'big box' stores. The system also produces about twice as much water as conventional RO systems. With a 10 year manufacturer warranty and a simple and clean design, the Water Factory SQC series RO is clearly the industry leader.

The SQC 3 and 4 Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Systems effectively reduce:

Barium 97.1% Cysts 99.99%
Cadmium 98.1% Lead 98%
Selenium 89% Chlorine N/A
Chromium (Hexa.) 80% Radium 226/228 80%
Chromium (Triva.) 94.1% Turbidity 97%
    TDS N/A

  • High Flux TFC membrane produces up to 33 gallons per day.
  • New slim profile design, takes up less space under the sink.
  • Water Source can install SQC systems in the garage, car port or equipment room if installed early enough in construction or remodeling.
  • Entire system is certified by NSF and listed for contaminant reduction.
  • Conserves water by shutting down when tank is full. Automatically turns on to replenish tank after use
  • System designed for both chlorinated and non-chlorinated municipal or well systems.
  • turn Sanitary Quick Change filter designed for clean, easy cartridge changes. No tools required for filter service.
  • Comes standard with 3.8 gallon slim storage tank and SS faucet.
  • Designer faucets and larger storage tanks also available.

  • Water Factory Systems come in SQC 3 for most Maui water conditions and SQC 4 for problem water areas, high use applications or well water systems.

    SQC 3 SQC 3 Installed SQC 4