Whole House Water Conditioning Solution

The complete Whole House Water Conditioning solution combines the softening power of our 1.5 cubic foot Automatic Water Softener with the efficiency of our 1.5 cubic foot GAC Chemical Removal Filter and the convenience of "bottled" quality water at your selected locations provided by central Reverse Osmosis.

Water Softening

Water Softeners remove or reduce white spotting (calcium magnesium) and scale build up in the shower, bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Soft water allows the homeowner to use less soap in the laundry and dishwashing process. With soft water, water heaters and solar systems operate more efficiently and last longer. Soft water leaves the hair and skin free of soap scum therefore eliminating dried out flaky skin and dulling of the hair.

Chemical Removal

The Water Source Chemical Removal Filter reduces the amount of organic chemicals present in household water through carbon filtration. 1.5 cubic feet of granulated activated carbon (GAC) enables an effective contact time between the water and the carbon media therefore greatly reducing harmful chemicals in the water throughout the house. This system automatically backwashes itself therefore eliminating the need and hassle of costly filter changes. Chemicals such as chlorine, chloramine, chlorine dioxide, fertilizers, insecticides, nematicides etc., can dry out the skin and even cause rashes when taking showers and are known to be carcinogenic. Whole House Chemical Removal Filters are greatly recommended for houses with steam rooms and/or Jacuzzi tubs. The Water Source Water Softener and Chemical Removal Filter are the ideal pretreatments for Central Reverse Osmosis Systems.

Central Reverse Osmosis

With a Central Water Source Reverse Osmosis system you can enjoy "bottled" quality water from virtually any sink in the house. The Water Source Central RO systems can be ordered in sizes up to 80 gallons per day and 10 gallon storage tanks to ensure proper water pressure from multiple points of use throughout the house. Central RO systems are the ideal way to service multiple wet bar sinks, veggie sinks, refrigerators, ice makers and outdoor cooking/prep areas with "bottled" quality water. Ideally this system should be installed during construction or remodel before the drywall is hung.